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Oregon Session 1

at Camp Latgawa

Oregon Session 1 2018

  • July 31-August 8, 2018 (8 nights)
  • Held at Camp Latgawa
  • Free bus transportation provided from/to Medford (one hour away)
  • This session often has a waiting list, so best to sign up early.

In 7.5 big days and 8 glorious nights we pack in the essential “classics” of NBTSC: workshops taught by campers and staff. Advisee groups. Bonding night, Seeing/Seen Circle, prom, closing ceremony, talent shows, etc. Creation Circle puts on an evening event, and we devote one day to all kinds of adventures. Hiking trails and a dramatic swimming hole (with a rock slide) are part of the magic. There’s also a swimming pool near the cabins.

The Camp Latgawa site staff cooks for us. (This means our own staff is smaller in numbers.) The food includes meat – and, as at all NBTSC sessions, there are always vegetarian and vegan options too. Camp Latgawa serves more dessert but fewer snacks than the “typical” NBTSC session – many campers either bring snacks or say later that they wish they had. The site staff is willing to accommodate dietary restrictions, although people with extensive needs sometimes bring their own food. (Note that this is not a peanut-free site. Also, the use of organic ingredients fluctuates – sometimes it is minimal especially compared to our other sessions.)

This session hosts approximately 75 campers and 12 staff.  There is no large sports field, so if playing ultimate or soccer is your favorite thing about NBTSC, we suggest you alter your expectations or choose Oregon Session 2 or Vermont. Also: we enthusiastically seek certified lifeguards as worktraders.  See the Camp Latgawa website  for more site info and pictures.

Unfortunately, like many areas throughout the West and Northwest, Camp Latgawa sometimes experiences smoke due to wildfires elsewhere in the region.  Please take this into consideration if you have a health condition such as asthma that is triggered by periods of poor air quality.

How much?
Be sure to register by March 31 ~ tuition increases $100 on April 1.

  • It’s now easy to pay online in our new registration portal. 
    • Tier 1* ~ $850
    • Tier 2* ~ $950
  • If you are willing to mail us a paper check,  you get a discount! (Approximately 4%.)
    • Tier 1* ~ $815
    • Tier 2* ~ $915
  • Or, you can set up a monthly payment plan with CampDoc. If it deducts directly from a bank account, you’ll receive a discount of approximately 2%.  (If it charges a credit card, normal tuition applies.)

*Tier 1 applies to families in lower and middle income brackets, and Tier 2 applies to families whose annual income is higher. If your family earns less than $80K annually, you are welcome to choose the lower rate.  (But if you can afford the higher tier, we gratefully appreciate your opting in.) If your family earns $125K or more, you would pay the higher amount. If your income falls between $80K and $125K or if you just want more explanation and context, see our tuition details page