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Already Registered For NBTSC  2023?

Specific Covid/health requirements are detailed in   

  • the 2023 Camper and Parent Handbook (download it via your online account)
  • our June 30  “Essential Covid/health requirements for NBTSC 2023″ email notification (it went to all the authorized users on your account)
  • for Oregon campers: our July 13 “Important updates & reminders ~ Oregon NBTSC” email notification (also went to all the authorized users on your account) 
    • If you can’t find either of those emails, or if you registered later than these dates and we forgot to send them to you, please ask Maya to forward you a copy.
  • for Vermont campers: you may also receive an update with minor additional details or clarifications, prior to August 31


February 28, 2023

Hello and thanks for coming to our Covid page.

Our vision for 2023 is to find the optimal intersection between 1) protecting our community from Covid and other pathogens, and 2) hosting another round of the traditional NBTSC experience: connective, welcoming, affectionate, adventurous, and relaxed. 

In 2022 we developed an extensive, layered approach toward preventing Covid spread, and it was very successful. (We enjoyed a radiantly healthy camp, with apparently no pathogens of any kind, let alone Covid, circulating. This was despite the true-to-NBTSC-form extremely huggy, affectionate nature of our gathering.) This approach required discipline and effort on everybody’s part (probably a bit of frustration and fatigue for some), and undoubtedly luck played a part in our success — but, the benefits clearly outweighed the negatives and we envision a similar approach for 2023. Good chance all campers will need to participate in: 

  • Getting tested for Covid (and maybe flu) both prior to and during the camp session, with negative tests a prerequisite for admittance. (If free tests are not publicly and readily available, or provided by your insurance, then you would also need to locate and pay for such testing.) This may involve both PCR tests (within a specific time window) and rapid tests. 
  • Taking great care during the 3 weeks prior to camp (including travel) to avoid exposure to pathogens, and reporting several times via our online “prescreening” portal on the precautions you are taking. 
  • In general, bringing a flexible mindset and a willingness to adapt as needed, especially if there is a surge in Covid cases in the month or so prior to your session, or if it turns out we have positive Covid cases show up at camp once the session is underway. For instance, we don’t anticipate the need for much in the way of distancing or masking during each camp session, but if this does turn out to be needed then we must be able to count on everyone’s cooperation.

After we’ve developed more specific plans for 2023 (probably by early June), we will share details and requirements with this year’s camp families. We normally share this type of nitty-gritty info through email notifications that go to all authorized users on a camper’s online account, rather than here on our website.

Similar to 2022, during each session we may also take extra care – such as by ventilating indoor spaces, emphasizing outdoor activities, waiting a few days to host high-touch activities like bonding night (literally dozens of hugs for those who choose participate), etc. 

What about vaccinations? Campers who are not fully vaccinated for Covid may apply for a medical and/or a philosophical/religious exemption (subject to approval). This is part of the initial camper application process, so you must let us know at the time of registration whether you intend to apply for an exemption. That said, it is possible that due to site regulations (which at the time of this writing have not been finalized), non-medical exemptions may not be possible in 2023. If you register and apply for an exemption that we are not able to grant, we will return all your tuition (including deposits). When we review your camper application, if we see that you intend to apply for an exemption, we will touch base with you about the timeline for decisions, possible cancellation, refunds, etc.