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at Farm & Wilderness Camp

Vermont 2018

2019 details coming soon!

  • September 20-29, 2018 (9 nights)
  • Tamarack Farm (at Farm & Wilderness Camp)
  • Transportation offered (for a fee)
    • from/to White River Junction (Amtrak/Greyhound) ($18 each way)
    • from/to the Burlington Airport ($40 each way)
    • and from/to at least one additional regional, out-of-state urban center. We’re still working out details ~ stay tuned.

In Vermont we savor an extended, 8 day/9 night week. This session incorporates all the NBTSC classics – workshops, talent shows, bonding night, prom, seeing/seen circle, a creation circle event, closing ceremony – plus optional projects (extended workshops that span 3 days, totaling approximately 6 hours). Tamarack Farm, our beautiful home at Farm and Wilderness Camp, offers a heated, light-filled lodge; a fabulous playing field for soccer, ultimate frisbee, etc.; access to Woodward Reservoir for canoeing and occasional swimming; hiking trails plus a lovely pastoral road to stroll along.

Accommodations are rustic – outhouses rather than conventional toilets, and three-sided cabins built with summer in mind. (If you sign up, you’ll probably get sick of us reminding you to BRING WARM STUFF. There are, however, a few indoor, heated rooms available for folks who really need them and others on a first-come first-served basis. In 2017 we enjoyed atypical warm weather, but our usual experience includes cool and sometimes downright cold nights.) For more, see the Farm and Wilderness website.

How much?
Be sure to register by March 31 ~ tuition increases $100 on April 1.

  • It’s now easy to pay online in our new registration portal. 
    • Tier 1* ~ $910
    • Tier 2* ~ $1015
  • If you are willing to mail us a paper check,  you get a discount! (Approximately 4%.)
    • Tier 1* ~ $875
    • Tier 2* ~ $975
  • Or, you can set up a monthly payment plan with CampDoc. If it deducts directly from a bank account, you’ll receive a discount of approximately 2%.  (If it charges a credit card, normal tuition applies.)

*Tier 1 applies to families in lower and middle income brackets, and Tier 2 applies to families whose annual income is higher. If your family earns less than $80K annually, you are welcome to choose the lower rate.  (But if you can afford the higher tier, we gratefully appreciate your opting in.) If your family earns $125K or more, you would pay the higher amount. If your income falls between $80K and $125K or if you just want more explanation and context, see our tuition details page 

Diversity Scholarships

In Vermont, we offer diversity scholarships. If you are a person of color who would like to come to NBTSC but cannot afford the tuition, please get in touch.