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The Ways We Grow, by Sarabeth Matilsky

Long-time camper, staffer, and NBTSC admin Sarabeth Matilsky is often invoked during NBTSC when we start talking about closing ceremony. On our last evening together,  each camper and staffer stands up to state an intention for the coming year. In 1996, Sarabeth simply announced that she was going to do something “big.”  -Grace    The […]

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Matt Sanderson on 8 ways to staff at NBTSC (which is really just 1 way)

  Our beloved session director, Matt Sanderson, has worn pretty much all the staffer hats at NBTSC. And, to borrow from his own words, the best thing about him isn’t that he is incredibly accomplished, talented, interesting, good looking, funny, and brilliant. It’s that he really cares about the other staff and about NBTSC campers.     […]

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NBTSC winter admin world

Hello! I (Grace) have been stressing about the disconnect between 1) my intention to post frequently throughout our Year #25, and 2) the fact that January is almost over and there’s only one post. Although most of our 2020 blog will be written by other folks, it’s my job to get their posts all assigned, […]

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