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Isaac: Day 8, Vermont ~ NBTSC 2023

Hello blog readers, my name is Isaac, and I am a first year camper at NBTSC. I found my way to this mystical campsite from my older sibling that had been a camper years before, and wanted to experience it for myself. It’s currently the 8th day of camp, which is the last day before […]

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Maeve: Day 7, Vermont ~ NBTSC 2023

Day 7 started off with a great breakfast of breakfast burritos, potatoes and fresh fruit. After our morning meeting, we split into advisee groups. I got to be the advisor today as a special culmination gift. We checked in and played a game, before splitting up for our first workshop block of the day.   […]

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Rose: Day 6, Vermont ~ NBTSC 2023

I’m Rose, I first came to camp last year, and this is now my 3rd session, having gone to Oregon last month.    I wake up to this view every morning at camp.     Today I was feeling a little tired so I laid back down for another minute. 30 minutes later, the breakfast […]

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Wren: Day 5, Vermont ~ NBTSC 2023

Today was amazing. It started with an amazing breakfast of pancakes and fruit. We then had a short morning meeting, then went right into advisee groups. I got to run advisory because my advisor was too tired. After our check ins we agreed that it would be a great idea to go crash the other […]

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Oona: Day 4, Vermont ~ NBTSC 2023

My name’s Oona, this is my first time at camp. This is one of the best places I’ve ever been, everyone is so friendly and happy all the time. I love the resident camp baby that is here, who happens to share my name. I’m from West Philly. I learned how to play cat’s cradle […]

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