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Valentina: Day 2 (Camp Myrtlewood Oregon)

Written by Valentina (camper) Wake up call arrived as I was finishing dressing this morning, having woken up some fifteen minutes before. Once I had what I needed for the first part of the day, I headed off to the lodge and ended up joining an impromptu music group that formed on the porch until […]

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LIza: Day 1 (Camp Myrtlewood Oregon)

Written by Liza (camper) Today marks the first full day of camp and that is just wonderful. This day is usually largely dedicated to a whole bunch of meetings where all the logistics, guidelines, and agreements are discussed. My day started with a conversation over breakfast with all the new folks at camp, led by […]

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Miriel: Camper Arrival Day (Camp Myrtlewood Oregon)

Written by Miriel (Camper) Ah, arrival day! Long-awaited and much anticipated! This is my fifth and final year as a camper at NBTSC, and the lead-up to this day is always a mess of nerves and excitement. This year, as a worktrader in the camp kitchen, I had the opportunity to come to camp early […]

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Franny: Staff Orientation Day 2 (Camp Myrtlewood Oregon)

Written by Franny Bannen (Kitchen Coordinator) Today was our full day of staff orientation. It’s always a strangely unique experience to be at camp without campers, like coming home but being unable to locate all of ones family. We all try to enjoy the quiet, the trees, the sound of the creek, the room to […]

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J: Staff Arrival Day (Camp Myrtlewood Oregon)

Written by Staffer J. (Driver) Camp Myrtlewood is quiet and sweetly welcoming when I arrive. I’m the first to arrive for NBTSC again this year to pick up the first food delivery. It’s a good way to ease back into and fully appreciate the site vibe without distractions. Soon it will be a bundle of […]

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