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J. Davis: Departure Day; Camp Myrtlewood

Oh, Departure Day. Why does there have to be such a thing? And why does it have to be so busy that it seems impossible to have that last chat with everybody, get those last hugs and shenanigans in, and sign all the directories?   Of course we try to do all those things the […]

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Kyson A: Closing Ceremony, Camp Myrtlewood (Day 13)

Hi i’m kyson I am blogging today and hope you don’t mind my ranting, ravey sort of writing style.   So today I spent the earlier parts of my day as any before it had gone. I woke up and ate breakfast, not a unique experience but one that would’ve been considerably more somber if […]

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Will Suhrbur: Sleep-in Day, Camp Myrtlewood (Day 12)

We tried to collectively answer the burning question at our advisee meeting. Who am I? “Who I am is different. All the animals are collectively a party. Once I became something at midnight, and I didn’t forgive the animals. How did I dead the bird with sharp fangs.  Unfortunately, I haven’t ever eaten me another […]

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Rhiannon: Prom Night, Camp Myrtlewood (Day 11)

I woke up in the field to Bet singing & playing ukulele, cold but feeling good, and glad I gave sleeping in the field another chance this session. I got to breakfast earlier than normal, but they were out of everything aside from tofu scramble, which was surprisingly good!? All through check-in I worked on […]

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Aiden: Talent Show Night; Camp Myrtlewood (Day 10)

Hi, my name is Aiden Mooney. I’ve Been an unschooler my whole life and it’s my first year attending Not Back To School Camp (NBTSC). I’ve been hearing about NBTSC for years now and this was the year I finally decided to go, and I’m more than happy with the decision I made! NBTSC has […]

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