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How to Register for NBTSC

Oregon 2022 registration is open! We hope you’ll join us!
As of May 20, the session is almost full but there are still a few spaces available, especially for campers willing to sleep in a tent rather than a cabin.

Sorry, we have canceled our Vermont session due to low enrollment.
We hope to see you next year!  


New to NBTSC?

1) Make sure you and your parents read everything listed here.  

Already been to NBTSC?

1) Please review the fine print. Most of this will be already familiar, but we need you and your parents to look it over.

2) Please read our 2022 COVID-19 pageEveryone who participates in NBTSC this year must be flexible and willing to adapt to what is needed.  

3) There are a few changes to this year’s refund policy. Please have a look.

4) We suggest that you have a quick look at our whole website. Each year we make changes to our written materials, and even though most of it is not new, it always helps if campers and their families re-familiarize themselves with NBTSC culture. Each year, different aspects of camp become more or less important as you yourself grow and change.

5) Click here to sign into your account and register. Yay! Welcome back!

You’ll find a few notes and reminders regarding registration below.

notes and reminders regarding registration

What happens after you submit your preliminary registration?
Please go right into your “health and pre-camp info” section and then respond to all the questions in the “NBTSC camper prescreening questions” tab.  (Important: we don’t mean the new health “Prescreening” section which won’t be activated until July. Just ignore that section for now.) As soon as possible we’ll look over the information you’ve submitted and either confirm your registration or reach out with further questions.  Once your registration is confirmed, you’ll receive access to our detail-packed camper handbook (what to bring, how to prepare for camp, etc.), etc. —and you will be prompted for additional information (health history, what workshop you want to teach, dietary restrictions, etc.).

Signing up as a host family
A “yes” indicates that your family is willing to have, as a houseguest, pretty much anyone from any session of camp—not just your personal friends. (Only during times that are convenient for you, of course.) Many campers travel to visit others, and this can be a great opportunity for both hosts and travelers.

Online travel directory
If you say yes to this one, we make your name, phone number, email address, and street address available on our password-protected directory so that other campers can connect with you to discuss the possibility of shared travel.

Your email addresses are crucial.
Please make sure to provide accurate email addresses—for the camper and a parent or guardian—that will be valid through the start of camp. (If your addresses change, you must log into your account and update them.) This is how we will confirm your registration, remind you of deadlines, and provide updates. It is your responsibility to make sure that your email spam controls are set up to allow us to communicate with you. You are likely to receive email from us directly and also through CampDoc (the organization that processes registrations for us).

Wait listed?
Some sessions fill up rapidly. If you find yourself on the wait list, you should know that most waitlisters have eventually been offered a spot in the session of their choice. In this regard, keeping a flexible summer schedule usually pays off. (But of course, we can’t guarantee you’ll get in.)