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at Camp Myrtlewood

Oregon  2022

This information refers to our 2022 session. (It was glorious! See photos here!) 2023 details will be posted in January. 

  • Held at Camp Myrtlewood (NBTSC’s original home!)
  • Free transportation provided from/to Eugene (approximately 120 miles Northeast of Camp Myrtlewood)
  • August 10-24  (14 nights)

Our abundant time together offers the chance for new friendships to take root, and old friendships to flower. We fit lots of inspiring activities into our schedule while also enjoying ample downtime.  Nestled in the forest of the coastal mountain range, we experience the NBTSC classics – workshops, talent shows, bonding night, prom, seeing/seen circle, and closing ceremony  –  plus we devote one day to all kinds of adventures including an optional field trip to the Oregon Coast. Also, we sprinkle three mellow sleep-in days throughout the session to allow for plenty of well-being and self-care time without FOMO.

Who should not choose this two-week session?

Well, the obvious: if you’ve never been away from home without your parents for more than 3 or 4 nights, 2 weeks might be too much of a leap. But also the not-so-obvious. If our camp agreements require you to temporarily give up things you usually do (like have sex with a partner who will also be present at camp, or use illegal substances), then it turns out that while many people can find it within themselves to alter their personal reality for one week for a cause they believe in, two weeks can be just too long–despite the best of intentions. If you have habits which conflict with our needs, we suggest you come to Vermont instead. 

About the site 

We enjoy a spacious open field surrounded by tall firs and cedars, a sweet little creek (habitat for spawning salmon) for wading and low key swimming, and hiking trails that offer forest magic and wide vistas. For more, see the Camp Myrtlewood website.

Unfortunately, like many areas throughout the West and Northwest, Camp Myrtlewood occasionally experiences smoke due to wildfires elsewhere in the region.  Please take this into consideration if you have a health condition such as asthma that is triggered by periods of poor air quality. (The only time we have experienced significant smoke at Camp Myrtlewood was in 2017.)

How much?
  • It’s easy to pay online through our registration portal. 
    • Tier 1* ~ $1500
    • Tier 2* ~ $1720
  • Or, you can set up a monthly payment plan through our registration portal. If it deducts directly from a bank account, you’ll receive a discount of approximately 2%.  (If it charges a credit card, normal tuition applies.)

For future reference: tuition (for both tiers) was $100 less until our early registration deadline passed. This year the deadline was April 10, but most years it is March 31.

*Tier 1 applies to families in lower and middle income brackets, and Tier 2 applies to families whose annual income is higher. If your income is less than $80K annually, you are welcome to choose the lower rate if needed.  (But if you can afford the higher tier, we gratefully appreciate your opting in.) If your income is  $130K or more, you would pay the higher amount. If your income falls between $80K and $130K or if you just want more explanation and context, see our tuition details page

Already registered for NBTSC Oregon 2022?

For essential details on travel, Covid testing, what to bring, and much more, please refer to

  • the 2022 Camper and Parent Handbook (download it via your online account)
  • our May 17 “Essential updates & reminders” email
  • our May 20 “Important details re NBTSC 2022 & COVID-19” email
  • and any/all other notifications and updates that we email to your account users