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Virtual NBTSC

Virtual NBTSC  2020

This summer, we’re bringing you a new way to not go back to school: Not Back to Camp Camp. Join us August 15th – 19th for the first-ever virtual session of NBTSC! 

Nuts and Bolts: 

  • NBTCC will run from August 15th – 19th, 2020. It will not be a drop-in style event; participants should be prepared to participate for the duration of the 5 days. 
  • Participation in the session is reserved for camper age folks, and the session will have a dedicated team of staff just like any session of NBTSC.
  • Throughout each day, there will be about 1 hour of community events in which everyone participates and 4-5 hours of optional activities. These will be spaced out with ample time for breaks, and staff will offer numerous activities that blend on and offline experiences (for example: do a baking project together, learn a photo technique and then go out and try it, or learn some new dance moves at home in your living room). Scroll to the bottom of this page for a sample schedule (subject to change).
  • Access the session from your hometown, via zoom. You will need internet access to participate, as well as access to a phone, tablet, or computer. Please reach out to us at if you don’t have internet or device access and would like to participate. While we can’t guarantee we can help, we are happy to think about solutions with you. 
  • Tuition will be a sliding scale of $150 – $225 for the session. We understand that for many folks this is a trying time financially, and it is for NBTSC too. Therefore: 
    • We are committed to making this session of camp available to all regardless of ability to pay. If you are unable to pay the low end of our sliding scale, please be in touch with us at
    • If you are able, we encourage you to be generous in the amount you choose to pay, to help sustain future sessions of NBTSC.
    • If you already applied for (and received) a scholarship or worktrade earlier this year, we’ll be in touch with you about a discount.

Some Fun Stuff:

    • While participation in the session is reserved for camper-age folks and the session will have a dedicated staff team, we’re also integrating opportunities to hear from NBTSC alumni and staffers past. We anticipate some fun conversations about camp and unschooling then & now. 
    • We’re looking forward to talent & art shows like never before, as people will be able to show off talents that don’t make practical sense to bring to camp (anyone play the tuba?) or really give us a look into their art practices (imagine a studio tour with VT staffer and potter Brenna McBroom!). 
    • Daily advisee groups will be a staple of Not Back to Camp Camp just as they are at NBTSC. New at this session, you’ll have an optional opportunity to reconnect with your advisee group every evening of the session (in addition to morning advisee time). (If you’re new to camp – advisee is a small group of campers that meet together with the same staffer every day of a camp session.) 
  • We’ve never done this before! This is an opportunity to co-create and be part of a whole new reimagining of the NBTSC experience. We can’t wait to do this with you! 

Registration is now open: Click here to get started. Register by July 20th for a free package in the mail, including the camp t-shirt!

sample schedule for camp session