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Vermont 2017 Day 7, by culminating camper Maddy

I woke up to a knock on my cabin door and soft ukulele music. I headed over to the lodge for breakfast. Over breakfast, I sat with newfound friends and talked about what we were excited for in the upcoming days.

Later in the day I led a music appreciation workshop with my friend Tallis. I attended one at one of the West Coast camp sessions this year, and I loved it so much that I decided to bring it to Vermont! We encouraged everyone to bring a song on their phone and then we listened to them together. It was really fun and a great way to find new music.

Immediately after that I went to a workshop where we swam across the lake. It was a hot day, so the near 1 mile swim was well worth it just to cool down.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty relaxing. I made some new friends, wrote some letters, called my family and took a nap. After my nap, I had dinner, went to evening meeting and then started to get ready for the evening event – Prom!

Prom was super fun! “The Four Elements” was our theme this year. Each corner of
the room was decorated to one of the elements: Earth, air, fire and water. The decorations, music and snacks were all awesome. I had a really great time. I pretty much spent my entire night dancing, which is an ideal night to me! After prom ended, I stayed up pretty late playing games with some other campers. As I started to get sleepier, I decided it was time to wander back to my cabin for the night.