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Rachel: Day 3 (Tamarack Farm, Vermont 2018)

September 23, 2018 (Day 3, Vermont Session at Tamarack Farm)

Written by camper Rachel

Today I woke up in the communal sleeping area outside; it was very cold but very fun. Right after Advisee time I went to day two of my three-day partner dancing project, I learned some really cool turns and got to dance with some super cool people. Dancing is definitely one of my favorite things to do at camp because you get to connect with people you haven’t even talked to yet. After that was lunch and then siesta.

During siesta I sat down by the lake at the “beach” which is not actually a beach it just happens to be by the water. I had a great conversation with someone about life and then made some cool slow motion videos of me throwing a basketball. After that I got super tired and decided to take a two hour nap during the workshop hours and that was a great decision because I was wonderfully rested for dinner and the evening event.

The evening event was “murder mystery” where some campers pretended to get killed and we had to figure out who killed them, at the end we threw cupcake liners full of shaving cream at the “killer”, definitely a highlight of the day. The nights at camp are my favorite because that’s when I have the best conversations. Tonight I had a really amazing time hiding in blankets and talking up in the art barn until I couldn’t stay awake. One of my favorite days so far!

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