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campers walking through Oregon forest

NBTSC winter admin world

Hello! I (Grace) have been stressing about the disconnect between 1) my intention to post frequently throughout our Year #25, and 2) the fact that January is almost over and there’s only one post. Although most of our 2020 blog will be written by other folks, it’s my job to get their posts all assigned, […]

Guest Post: Yusef Ahmad (Farm and Wilderness, Vermont)

Staffer Liam Nilsen invited his friend and colleague Yusuf Ahmad to spend a day at NBTSC. Yusuf is a graduate student from the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab where his research work supports learning by creating for people of all ages. He was kind enough to write a blog post sharing his […]

Day Five: Jaden (Farm and Wilderness, Vermont)

Post and photos by camper Jaden This morning after I woke up, I got to participate in wake up call. I played one of the main themes from Totoro on my flute. Shortly afterward I had a breakfast meeting with the rest of the committee for seeing seen circle. At the meeting we discussed the […]

Day 4: Julian (Farm and Wilderness, Vermont)

Post and photos by camper Julian Spielman Not back to school camp is an experience that only grows better with each passing year. I’m currently in my third year, and it has 100% been my best yet. Today i was woken up by “Mr. Blue Sky” after sleeping in the field on an unseasonably warm […]

Kestral: Day 2 (Farm and Wilderness, Vermont)

Written by camper Kestral Day two of Not Back To School Camp was a blur of activity,  adventure, and amazingness. I woke up, stumbled into my clothes, and made my way downstairs from the sleeping room in the farmhouse to the main room. Few people get up early and those who did were scattered in […]

Sam: Day 1 (Farm and Wilderness, Vermont)

Written by camper Sam Friday morning was one of those mornings where sleep felt like a five second deep breath, with the sun rising by the time you opened your eyes. Breakfast was sweet with laughter erupting every second, and food leaving the aftertaste of warmth. Today was the first full day of camp, which […]