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Lena: Day 3 (Camp Myrtlewood Oregon)

Written by Lena (camper)

Another session, another blog post!

Back in 2016, my very first year of camp, the first thing I ever volunteered to do was write a blog post for day 2 of camp. So it only felt fitting that in 2019, my final year as a camper, I do it again. Although nothing will ever rival the drama of my 2018 Session 1 post, I’ll do my best to tell a succinct story for you all.

The day started like every other for me at Camp Myrtlewood has for me so far. It was cold, kinda damp, and I sat in the cold damp and played music on my Uke until everyone else woke up.

During breakfast, I met with the creation circle campers, to check in about our intentions and discuss our plans for [REDACTED] night. CC plans an event every session, and I can’t wait for all the campers to come along to [CLASSIFIED] night, I’m sure it’s going to be a big hit.

Following that planning session, we all split up into the first day of Projects! I am participating in Wildchoir, aka we went and bonded in the woods and sang for 2 hours. It was a really meaningful experience for me just getting to bond over music, and just playing around with harmonies was a lot of fun. (There was also a lot of gossiping but sshhhh I didn’t tell you that.)

Over a lunch of green curry, I cried 3 times in 1 hour. The reason? Culminating. My fellow culms and I met up with Matt for a very emotional discussion during the lunch hour, which left me feeling very drained and low energy afterwards. Still enough energy to spend all of Siesta rewriting an old song of mine though. ….. Which made me cry again, but I digress.

Workshop slots for the day were a bit of a rollercoaster, with a Record listening workshop giving me lots to think about vis a vis the way I want to create my own music, and an hour long talk about taxes and credit scores leaving me feeling tense and panicky about my financial situation. But what is camp if not a rollercoaster, right?

Now presenting this evenings entertainment: Camp Talent Show, followed by a Sick Rave. Out in the field, illuminated by bare bulbs and Christmas lights, campers of all kinds displayed a huge variety of unique talents, bringing me to my emotional high point of the night as I laughed at improv and screamed along to some incredible songs.

This was almost immediately followed by the best rave you could ever imagine attending. Incredible songs, incredible people, and seemingly infinite glowsticks lighting the crowd. Remember that emotional high point I mentioned earlier? Well it lasted for about 10 minutes of raving, before it was time for me to crash back into reminiscing about my years at camp.

After a nice long phone call with my girlfriend, during which (you can make it a drinking game at this point) I cried again, I settled into my sleeping bag for a nice long sleep, staying as warm as I can.

All in all, you don’t gotta tell me twice that camp is an emotional experience, cuz if you do, well….

You’re preaching to the crier.

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