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J: Day 8 (Camp Myrtlewood Oregon)

Written by J. (staff/driver)

Day 8 was another rest day on our cyclical schedule of building up to a peak activity (in this case, Seeing Seen Circle) and then resting. The schedule is deliberately light with late breakfast and lots of open space. Everyone has a chance to relax and recharge for the events coming in the next couple of days.

This year, it also happened to be Laundry Day. That means a small crew of brave campers and staff heads to town to do the laundry for the whole camp. Usually I take Jr. staffers or culminators, and surprisingly for the amount of work it entails, we get a fair number of volunteers. The crew this time was Andy, one of our staff Advisors, and two of our culminators, Liza and Miriel.  Over the years we’ve developed a system and we crushed about 50 loads of laundry in 4 hours. The staff of the laundromat is pretty impressed when we show up once a year. When we were done, we took a break on the tailgate of my truck and made a video of us singing the chorus to a laundry day song written by a former camper (and former laundry crew member):

I miss you a lot, especially on laundry day
We used to blow bubbles and sit on the machines
And talk about things that we’ve lost
Like our thoughts and our hearts and our socks.
All the things that we’ve lost.
— Lyrics by Sebastian

The main event of the Day was the Art Show. We have so many talented campers and staff that make art and this is an opportunity for them to show it and for the rest of us to enjoy it. We had photographers showing their work, drawings and paintings and graphic arts, ceramics and textiles, and other visual arts. Some of the campers get dressed up, the kitchen provides some amazing snacks, and other campers provide background music. It’s really quite a gala camp affair.

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