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Day 4: Julian (Farm and Wilderness, Vermont)

Post and photos by camper Julian Spielman

Not back to school camp is an experience that only grows better with each passing year. I’m currently in my third year, and it has 100% been my best yet. Today i was woken up by “Mr. Blue Sky” after sleeping in the field on an unseasonably warm night. It wasn’t comfortable, as expected, but sleeping under the stars was very much enjoyable. The grass surprisingly wasn’t dewy in the morning, so i wasn’t soggy on top of being cramped.

I stayed up late the previous night wrestling in the grass with fellow campers. No major injuries were acquired, and those who acquired minor scrapes were all in good spirits. Some of the staffers wrestled as well, which was quite amusing to watch.

The event tonight was the art show, which was amazing as always. There were many different mediums on display, from stone sculpture to wire jewelry to photography. everyone at this camp always amazes me with how talented they are. There’s so many incredible artists of all sorts here. Not back to school camp creates a space where even beginner artists feel comfortable sharing their work.

This marks about the halfway point of camp. I feel like I’ve been here forever, so I’m hoping these next few days feel like forever too.

The author with a group of other campers in a “people pile.” (Author in bottom right corner.)
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