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Day Five: Jaden (Farm and Wilderness, Vermont)

Post and photos by camper Jaden

This morning after I woke up, I got to participate in wake up call. I played one of the main themes from Totoro on my flute. Shortly afterward I had a breakfast meeting with the rest of the committee for seeing seen circle. At the meeting we discussed the general order of events and how we could make everything slide together as well as possible. This year we had one of the best possible committees. Later in the day we had the last project block. My project this year was partner dancing which was amazing! As our evening event we had seeing seen circle. In the first part  everyone would stand in a circle. Two staffers would take turns reading statements and if you identified with it then you could take a step into the circle. In the second part people would have a chance to get up and share something that they wanted everyone to know about themselves. Afterwards there was a lot of hugging, pineapple upside down cake, and bed. I wrote most of this in a tree BTW.
A rainy afternoon at Farm and Wilderness 
Director Matt practicing his juggling skills in the field
Jr staff member Arthur doing…something
Jr. staff member Arthur doing…something else
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