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Eve: Day 6 (Camp Myrtlewood Oregon)

Written by Eve (camper) I had a pretty hard morning because the 1-week campers leave today. But Day 6 was one of my favorite days this week. This camp session has been wonderful: I often have a hard time with things but this place in itself is so supportive and comforting. It has been helpful […]

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Lilith: Day 5 (Camp Myrtlewood Oregon)

Written by Lilith (camper) I woke up a little before nine to the sounds of the other people in my cabin slowly awaking. I was one of the later ones awake I think, besides those who don’t get up until wake up call. I’m not one to rush, especially not when waking up, but I […]

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Sayali: Day 4 (Camp Myrtlewood Oregon)

Written by Sayali (camper) Camp is an intense experience to say the least. I’ve cried every day so far and I’ll probably continue that streak if I’m being completely honest. I have had my highest highs and my lowest lows at this place. So, it’s completely fitting that I’m writing a blog post about it […]

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Lena: Day 3 (Camp Myrtlewood Oregon)

Written by Lena (camper) Another session, another blog post! Back in 2016, my very first year of camp, the first thing I ever volunteered to do was write a blog post for day 2 of camp. So it only felt fitting that in 2019, my final year as a camper, I do it again. Although […]

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Valentina: Day 2 (Camp Myrtlewood Oregon)

Written by Valentina (camper) Wake up call arrived as I was finishing dressing this morning, having woken up some fifteen minutes before. Once I had what I needed for the first part of the day, I headed off to the lodge and ended up joining an impromptu music group that formed on the porch until […]

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