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Aiden: Talent Show Night; Camp Myrtlewood (Day 10)

Hi, my name is Aiden Mooney. I’ve Been an unschooler my whole life and it’s my first year attending Not Back To School Camp (NBTSC). I’ve been hearing about NBTSC for years now and this was the year I finally decided to go, and I’m more than happy with the decision I made! NBTSC has […]

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Jane: Art Show Night; Camp Myrtlewood (Day 9)

Hi, I’m Jane, I’m 16 and it’s my first year at NBTSC. So far it is such a fun experience. Today, day 9, my day started with wake-up call and breakfast with friends by the swings. Then at 10:15 we went to check-in and morning meeting. Then I had my advisee meeting, and my advisee […]

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Eddie D: Seeing Seen Day; Camp Myrtlewood (Day 8)

it’s been pretty chill. last night was Trust Circle  so today was a sleep-in day, but i still almost missed breakfast. our advisee group actually met in the creek today, and i caught a crawdad and named it george. i didn’t actually end up going to Seeing Seen because after last night i was kinda […]

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Oxen S: Trust Circle Night; Camp Myrtlewood (Day 7)

I started my day waking up in the field! it was my boyfriend Sully’s birthday, so I let him sleep in a while longer while i got ready for camp in the Lyrtle bathrooms. I spent most of my day working on the trust circle committee. it was my job to write down all of […]

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Rylee S: Field Trip Day; Camp Myrtlewood (Day 6)

An introduction before I begin: Hello, my name is Rylee (They/She). I’m a first year camper from the Chicago land area and I don’t think of myself much of a writer. But here we go. Starting my day I was a bit panicked as I had woken up later than I had intended and still […]

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