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Eddie: Day 3, Vermont ~ NBTSC 2023

I spent most of the day doing dishes. I’m a worktrader so I need to do an hour and a half of kitchen work every day, plus I was covering for another camper’s hour, plus I like being in the kitchen anyway, so I stuck around just for fun.   I cut so many potatoes […]

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Oxen: Day 2, Vermont ~ NBTSC 2023

this morning i woke up on the porch of the lodge, surrounded by my friends, and woken up by the jr staffer ruben playing their guitar.   i had the pleasure of taking a hot shower after a long cold night in the field. then doing my superhero of checking everyone in for morning meeting. […]

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Avery: Day 1, Vermont ~ NBTSC 2023

Hi! I’m Avery, a lot of people here call me Ava. It’s my first time here in Vermont but I’ve been to the Oregon session twice before! On arrival day I was super excited to see the friends I had already met, I slept in the middle of the field with my best friends from […]

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J: NBTSC Camp Myrtlewood wrap-up

What a great session we had for 2023 NBTSC. Camp Myrtlewood was its usual dreamy paradise self. The weather was great. The smoke stayed away for the most part. The creek was full and refreshing. The staff seemed like a dream team and the campers were delightful. So many workshops and panels and conversations and […]

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Ophelia: Camp Myrtlewood, Departure Day

after a long night of being half awake on the couch, it was finally time to welcome the final day of nbtsc. i had spent most of my night chatting with friends, and signing directories. which are the yearbooks of nbtsc.   it took me a while to stuff my sleeping bag in my suitcase, […]

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