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Zoe: Camp Myrtlewood, (Day 13)

Hello! My name is Zoe JDP, I Unschool in New York City, and this has been my second year of NBTSC.   Today is the last day of camp. It was quite a slow and emotional day.    By the end of morning meeting, I was already crying. So many wonderful people and such a […]

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Alastar: Camp Myrtlewood, Sleep-in Day (Day 12)

Hello! I’m Alastar, I’m a second year camper, and this is my blog for the day – it will be mostly about the tree.     Today, I woke up telling myself I wanted to climb the tree a lot. So far, I’d climbed it 20 times this session. My goal was to climb it […]

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Andrias: Camp Myrtlewood, Prom Night (Day 11)

Hi there! My name is Andrias, i’m here to recount how I experienced a day at camp. Day 11, Prom Night! I woke up relatively early, around 7 am, and I just stayed in bed for a couple hours before getting dressed and heading off to the lodge for breakfast. The day was relatively relaxing […]

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Aaliyah: Camp Myrtlewood (Day 10)

Today was, in my opinion, one of the best days of camp. It started off with morning meeting as always, and it happened to be a special day for someone, something we are all very familiar with at this point. It was someone’s birthday (we’ve had at least four others by this point). For each […]

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Elijah Bleu: Camp Myrtlewood (Day 9)

I woke up at 8am for my morning work trade. its always so much fun, they treat us so well. They had me cut up mushrooms, and serve breakfast. I sat next to Alastar and Marley during check in, and we sang a nice song. They announced the second talent show, and prom for the […]

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