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Bet: Staff Orientation Day, Camp Myrtlewood (Day -1)

I woke up this morning around 8:30am in my cozy spot in the staff tent “cul de sac” to the sound of the resident Myrtlewood site staff dog Baloo telling a story in woofs. I much prefer a nice canine alarm clock to my digital one!   9:30am was breakfast, which included a killer bowl […]

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Blake: Staff Arrival, Camp Myrtlewood(Day -2)

Hey ho, it’s the first day of NBTSC staff training! We’re doing it again, after three long years! What a morning, what a day! Waking on Grace’s back porch, sunlight tap dancing on eyelids Off to the coffeeshop I go, taking care of personal business Also to read my sacred staff handbook The guide to […]

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The Ways We Grow, by Sarabeth Matilsky

Long-time camper, staffer, and NBTSC admin Sarabeth Matilsky is often invoked during NBTSC when we start talking about closing ceremony. On our last evening together,  each camper and staffer stands up to state an intention for the coming year. In 1996, Sarabeth simply announced that she was going to do something “big.”  -Grace    The […]

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