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Photos from Myrtlewood 2018

Just a few teasers from this session (Oregon Session 2, 2018 ~ at Camp Myrtlewood)… Watch for our official session album, coming soon to our photos page


assembling the new foosball table ~ photo by Skye P.


photo by Skye P.


speed dating ~ photo by Margie Sanderson


Myrtle Creek ~ photo by Marley


tea workshop ~ photo by Marley


highest jump competition! photo by Skye P.

(Sydney got all the advisee groups to see who could jump the highest, and then each advisee group winner competed at evening meeting.)


slack line  ~ photo by Marley



guitar in the grass ~ photo by Marley


playing Codenames ~ photo by Skye P.


Twin Day ~ photo by Marley


parachute games ~ photo by Skye P.


Forest Dell porch ~ photo by Marley

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