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Sadie: session highlights (Myrtlewood 2018)

September 2018 (Oregon Session 2 at Camp Myrtlewood)

The prompt for this post, which is an audio transcription, was “What was a highlight of camp for you?” Camper Sadie shares:

I made a friend who reminded me a lot of myself when I was younger. I feel like she brought out a part of me that I’d felt like I lost. I was very happy about that. I met another friend as well; together we were kind of like a group. When one of those friends left [ed note: the friend participated in our first-week-only program] I was sad, but at the same time I felt so grateful that I had gotten to meet a friend that I felt and still feel would last a lifetime. I feel like our friendship will last a really long time. We liked to sing. She would play her ukulele and it was super fun because our words would kind of bounce off each other, we would pass it back and forth and we were on the same page with that, which I thought was really wonderful because I didn’t have to explain what I was saying, like I feel like I have to with a lot of people.

My advisee group was also pretty good.

I loved playing the piano here, and meeting people whose friendships I felt would last a really long time for me. Just finding those connections is going to be really huge in my developing and my future, because I haven’t really had that happen before. My first year at camp was really rough for me and I was very closed off, but I feel like I’ve met people this year that really care for me and vice versa. That means a lot to me. 


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