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Adacus A: Karaoke Night; Camp Myrtlewood (Day 5)

Hi my name is Adacus, 14 years old. Day five of camp was quite an amazing day. Today was skirt day, where most people who were able to acquire a skirt wore one for the day. I was able to borrow one from my close friend and wear it for the whole day.

We started the day with our normal wake up call and breakfast. Eggs and potatoes as usual. Check in to community meeting and the lay down of the schedule. Then to advisee time where we checked in with how we were doing emotionally and physically. For our advisee activity we wrote notes to people about the great things about them.

Workshop 1 came around and my friends and I hung out for a bit before and during lunch. During this whole period of time I was wearing a short skirt with no pockets.

Siesta came round and I messed around playing in the field with some other people I know. After siesta I led a workshop called “How to play and improve at ping pong”. Three people came and really improved by the end of the workshop.

Hanging in with the cabin mates


I was kinda burnt out after the workshop so I went into my cabin and took a nap until dinner. Dinner was good, I sat and ate with my friends once again. Evening community meeting happens and announcements are given. The event tonight was karaoke and everyone stayed up singing to amazing songs. I sang Godzilla by Eminem. After that I was once again burnt out so I headed to my cabin and slept.

Day five was an overall amazing day and wearing a skirt was extremely fun. Per my friend’s request, she gets her very own quote at the end.

Jane quotes “I’m feelin’ quirky”

Adacus A, camper
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