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Oxen S: Trust Circle Night; Camp Myrtlewood (Day 7)

I started my day waking up in the field! it was my boyfriend Sully’s birthday, so I let him sleep in a while longer while i got ready for camp in the Lyrtle bathrooms.

I spent most of my day working on the trust circle committee. it was my job to write down all of the questions for the event into a clear list with the additions and changes that my committee made.

Trust circle, previously called Seeing Seen, is an event about just that, being seen, and seeing others. Two counselors read out statements from the prompt list we helped create. It is an incredibly vulnerable and connecting event. I specifically asked to blog for this event due to my connection to it.

We all gathered in the field 20 minutes after our check in. The committee and I stood in the center of the circle and started leading the song to begin the event. We all went to our spots in the circle as my friend Jaden led us into the lodge.

It was a wonderfully connecting experience once we were inside. I felt whole with the group whilst also witnessing the differences in our lives. I held my friends closely after that. One of my close friends had a particularly intense time with the event, so we spent time on the back porch together, joking about ping pong and both calming down with the cool night breeze.

I ended that night by cuddling up in one of the hammocks with my boyfriend until we both were too tired to continue.

Oxen S, Camper
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