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Eddie D: Seeing Seen Day; Camp Myrtlewood (Day 8)

it’s been pretty chill. last night was Trust Circle  so today was a sleep-in day, but i still almost missed breakfast. our advisee group actually met in the creek today, and i caught a crawdad and named it george. i didn’t actually end up going to Seeing Seen because after last night i was kinda out of it, and it felt weird doing that kinda thing in the middle of the day. instead, i took a shower and climbed the climbing tree. i’ve spent most of the day mulling over last night and unpacking my thoughts. i actually ended up writing a kinda shitty but very cathartic song, which i don’t entirely hate, so i think i’ll give it a chance. i like how much campy acoustic music happens here; it’s really nice. for the past couple nights, i’ve been up late playing in the lodge. that is where i am currently, on a very comfortable couch.

Eddie D, Camper
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