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Aiden: Talent Show Night; Camp Myrtlewood (Day 10)

Hi, my name is Aiden Mooney. I’ve Been an unschooler my whole life and it’s my first year attending Not Back To School Camp (NBTSC). I’ve been hearing about NBTSC for years now and this was the year I finally decided to go, and I’m more than happy with the decision I made! NBTSC has been one of, if not the most, welcoming environments I’ve spent serious time in and I highly recommend all those questioning if they want to come or not to attend.
The highlights of day 10 for me were the Music Improv Parade lead by Ruben W, a workshop I ran titled “Make Aiden laugh,” and the Group Talent Show.

The Music Improv Parade consisted of a group of 10 or so people walking around and improvising music. I found it to be a great exercise in music creativity and freedom; as it was just really fun and goofy and light-hearted.

Make Aiden Laugh was a pretty small workshop where roughly 8 people just sat in a circle and tried to make me laugh! I gave everyone who accomplished it an “I.O.U,” which they can redeem to make me do pretty much whatever they want. I’m sure I won’t regret that decision!

And to end off the night we had our final talent show of the session, the Group Talent Show! We mostly had music acts ranging from beat boxing to karaoke, but we also had things like dancing and a fashion show!

All in all I think day 10 was my favorite day of camp so far. The talent show was phenomenal and I heard lots of great jokes at my workshop.

And finally I would just like to reiterate, if you’re not sure about if you want to attend NBTSC or not, take the leap. I was in a similar boat and I can’t stress enough how loving, nurturing, and fun the community is.

Aiden M, Camper
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