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Will Suhrbur: Sleep-in Day, Camp Myrtlewood (Day 12)

We tried to collectively answer the burning question at our advisee meeting.

Who am I?

Who I am is different. All the animals are collectively a party. Once I became something at midnight, and I didn’t forgive the animals. How did I dead the bird with sharp fangs.  Unfortunately, I haven’t ever eaten me another bird. Seeing a tree fall was beautiful. I then ran under a bridge, escaping birds. They didn’t stop pecking me with their massive wings. We’re a big scary collective individual. Anyway, what are we?

A question that begins the journey, but a response that ends with more questions. Some things explored and unanswered, some things scary but properly addressed, a different flow of speech, and turns taken that change the course of the original journey. I was wondering who I was, but now we are wondering what we are.

We suspected Heidi may have known more than was being shared, so we questioned her about her morning. She replied with the following:

I committed a very small offense. Also it was early in the morning. Feeling as chipper as one can, I didn’t think at the woods, cause I can’t possibly enjoy anything without my bird. I was distraught to find my massive bird where the snare broke, and am sorry that it died. We thought that it could revive itself, but we were surprised and aroused by nothing that possibly could be here. I hate that such as the world did keep going around forever.

We couldn’t gain pinpoint knowledge, but after her joint speech and strange phrasing, our suspicions towards her had doubled.

Aside from that, a group of us went to the water hole today. Some staffers gave their time and car space to drive multiple rounds of campers to the fun. We jumped, flipped, and “fell” from the rock. There were some goosebumps and shivers at first, but it was warm and refreshing whenever the sun found its way around the clouds. It was enjoyable to watch and participate in the creation of new connections while we played in the water and lounged on the rock beach.

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