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Wren: Day 5, Vermont ~ NBTSC 2023

Today was amazing. It started with an amazing breakfast of pancakes and fruit. We then had a short morning meeting, then went right into advisee groups. I got to run advisory because my advisor was too tired. After our check ins we agreed that it would be a great idea to go crash the other advisory because they were being too loud. After we crashed their advisory we played “staff only hot seat.” It was so funny to hear some of their answers to our questions.


After advisee groups I had to help with meal prep in the kitchen. It was a blast. We played music while we did food prep. Once everything was prepared it was lunchtime. After lunch it was siesta. During siesta I took a really long nap, and I got gunched. Workshops were after siesta. I didn’t participate in any of the workshops but I did get to learn about what boffers were while writing this. I took a lot of fun photos and videos of my friends playing with the boffers after workshops, and I just kind of hung around camp and waited for dinner. After dinner we had an event called trust circle. This event is one of my favorites. It’s a great way to connect with other people. After the trust circle I hung out with some of my favorite people. That pretty much concludes day 5.


Wren L.
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