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Maeve: Day 7, Vermont ~ NBTSC 2023

Day 7 started off with a great breakfast of breakfast burritos, potatoes and fresh fruit. After our morning meeting, we split into advisee groups. I got to be the advisor today as a special culmination gift. We checked in and played a game, before splitting up for our first workshop block of the day.


In workshop block one, I went to a workshop to help pick songs for the prom that night. We all picked songs to show each other to make sure they’d fit well for dancing. There was a wide variety of songs ranging from ones I’ve never heard of, to 2000s pop classics.


After workshop one, we did our superhero’s, ate lunch, and then had Siesta. Me and a group of friends all fell asleep for both Siesta and workshop two, then split up to go to workshop three. There, I joined in on a partner dancing workshop to prep for prom.


After partner dancing, I just hung out until dinner, which was a delicious freshly made pizza, then another quick evening meeting and finally it was time to prep for prom.


Getting ready for prom at camp is one of my favorite little moments. Everyone is buzzing around, getting dressed in their incredible outfits and doing each other’s makeup. Everyone hypes each other up and it’s so incredible to witness and be part of.


This sessions theme was carnival, and everyone looked incredible. While we danced in the lodge we were accompanied by thunder and lightning outside, creating a beautiful atmosphere. The dance didn’t end till just around 1:00 AM, then most people split off to go to sleep for the night. Overall, a great day and a great prom.


Maeve Dorsey


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