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Isaac: Day 8, Vermont ~ NBTSC 2023

Hello blog readers, my name is Isaac, and I am a first year camper at NBTSC. I found my way to this mystical campsite from my older sibling that had been a camper years before, and wanted to experience it for myself. It’s currently the 8th day of camp, which is the last day before we all scurry off to our respective corners of the world.



It’s been a pretty wild ride to get here, but I definitely do not regret it. From Prom to Bonding Night to Trust Circle, each event has been unique and extremely special in how it has affected me as a person. Today has been full of packing and saying goodbyes, and it’s all very bittersweet. The closing ceremony is tonight, which is effectively the last event before we leave, and it’s pretty exciting. Camp has been a crazy wacky experience, and I’ll definitely never forget it.


Isaac S.
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