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June: Staff Orientation Day 1 (Myrtlewood 2018)

August 19, 2018 (Staff Orientation Day 1, Oregon Session 2 at Camp Myrtlewood)

Written by advisor and project leader June Kinch (photo coming soon!)

Travel to NBTSC is a bit simpler for me than most other staffers, since I live just a couple hours drive away, and it shows in my packing. I’m always grabbing an extra towel, sleeping bag, board game, and fortune telling fish on my way out the door. Today I got the load strapped down and headed out with a beloved junior staffer to pick up folks from the airport, some familiar faces and some new. Pulling into Camp Myrtlewood I was met with a rush of nostalgia and joy but also pride. I’m proud of the work we do here each year and the community we build. I’m excited to show it off a little to new people, knowing that by the end of day two, they’ll be part of “us” and helping us grow into something we can all feel even more proud of. Then there were meetings, the kind where you talk about feelings and learn who can jump highest, which is pretty much my favorite thing. Tomorrow is a long day with lots of the other kind of meeting, full of schedules and logistics, but I have breakfast potatoes to look forward to first, so it’ll all be okay.

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