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NBTSC staff viewpoints

Ethan Mitchell on Mayonnaise, Child-Rearing, Utmost Importance, and Other Questions

I’m sorry for the crickets. We at nbtsc headquarters have been busy reading fabulous junior staff applications and obsessing about the covid-19 pandemic. (We’ve posted a letter on that challenging subject on a new web page.) But today we are pleased to bring you Ethan Mitchell. Ethan has been part of our NBTSC staff ever […]

The Ways We Grow, by Sarabeth Matilsky

Long-time camper, staffer, and NBTSC admin Sarabeth Matilsky is often invoked during NBTSC when we start talking about closing ceremony. On our last evening together,  each camper and staffer stands up to state an intention for the coming year. In 1996, Sarabeth simply announced that she was going to do something “big.”  -Grace    The […]

Blake Boles’ sneak preview of Why Are you Still Sending Your Kids to School?

We have a theme emerging! I asked Matt (for the last post) to reflect on working 8 different staff positions, and when I asked longtime staffer Blake for a post he offered to share a snippet from his AWESOME forthcoming book. Matt’s post heavily featured how we do check-ins at camp, and as it turns […]