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J Davis

J: NBTSC Camp Myrtlewood wrap-up

What a great session we had for 2023 NBTSC. Camp Myrtlewood was its usual dreamy paradise self. The weather was great. The smoke stayed away for the most part. The creek was full and refreshing. The staff seemed like a dream team and the campers were delightful. So many workshops and panels and conversations and […]

Ophelia: Camp Myrtlewood, Departure Day

after a long night of being half awake on the couch, it was finally time to welcome the final day of nbtsc. i had spent most of my night chatting with friends, and signing directories. which are the yearbooks of nbtsc.   it took me a while to stuff my sleeping bag in my suitcase, […]

Zoe: Camp Myrtlewood, (Day 13)

Hello! My name is Zoe JDP, I Unschool in New York City, and this has been my second year of NBTSC.   Today is the last day of camp. It was quite a slow and emotional day.    By the end of morning meeting, I was already crying. So many wonderful people and such a […]

Andrias: Camp Myrtlewood, Prom Night (Day 11)

Hi there! My name is Andrias, i’m here to recount how I experienced a day at camp. Day 11, Prom Night! I woke up relatively early, around 7 am, and I just stayed in bed for a couple hours before getting dressed and heading off to the lodge for breakfast. The day was relatively relaxing […]

Aaliyah: Camp Myrtlewood (Day 10)

Today was, in my opinion, one of the best days of camp. It started off with morning meeting as always, and it happened to be a special day for someone, something we are all very familiar with at this point. It was someone’s birthday (we’ve had at least four others by this point). For each […]

Elijah Bleu: Camp Myrtlewood (Day 9)

I woke up at 8am for my morning work trade. its always so much fun, they treat us so well. They had me cut up mushrooms, and serve breakfast. I sat next to Alastar and Marley during check in, and we sang a nice song. They announced the second talent show, and prom for the […]

Marley: Camp Myrtlewood (Day 8)

There is something truly magical about waking up here. The foggy mornings that meet the trees. The bunch of hydrangeas by my cabin. And the amazing breakfast. A few days ago was a pretty lovely day for me; I did some watercolor in the field. Listening and feeling the wind, and singing along to my […]

Lucy: Camp Myrtlewood (Day 7)

Some highlights of my day were…   My advisee group met in the creek today! First we talked about how our days went yesterday, then we played a game called creek seat (AKA hot seat) where we asked each other a bunch of random rapid-fire questions, and then just hung out and swam for a […]

Elihu: Field Trip Day, Camp Myrtlewood (Day 6)

I started my day a little rough. It was only the second night I’d slept in the tent I’d set one up the day before because it’s so hot in the field already.   Today was the field trip day. It’s always one of my favorite days at camp as it feels like the  longest […]