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J Davis

Eddie: Camp Myrtlewood (Day 5)

Today was really hot. A lot of people went to the creek. I didn’t. I was going to, but I got sidetracked by Elihu’s henna. I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. It’s wonderful how we have learned to decorate ourselves, staining our skins with leaves and ink for thousands and thousands and […]

Natalie: Camp Myrtlewood (Day 4)

yesterday was a really conflicting day for me.   i found out i had covid and started my quarantine.   previous to that, i had a wonderful morning meeting. i sat with my friend Jack Lund and behind us sat Sully, Joseph and Aiden (“we ball” aiden, not mooney) and we joshed about. made quips […]

Kiaya: Camp Myrtlewood (Day 3)

Hello! I’m Kiaya, a returning camper from the previous year. The first thing I noticed was that my comb was missing, so I had to spend awhile searching for it, but thanks to the lovely campers here it was in lost & found.   After checking in before morning meeting, we sung a short song […]

Jane: Bonding Night, Camp Myrtlewood (Day 2)

My name is Jane! This is my second year at camp, aka one of the best places on earth. So far I am loving it.   Today at camp I got up around 8:30, a very cold and wet awakening because I slept in the field with some friends. I had my morning time, washing […]

Oxen: Camp Myrtlewood (Day 1)

first proper day of camp! i welcomed the morning by waking up in the field, surrounded my friends, both old and new. the arrival day was a little rough, with my luggage being lost, but it was back by morning and i was ready to begin my day   i got dressed with some of […]

Maya Rose: Arrival Day, Camp Myrtlewood (Day 0)

My family and I pulled into camp in our big Australian rental van, with colorful stripes down its side and the large, cheerful black letters greeting the circle of staffers in the grass with the German twang of AUTOBARN. I began laughing to myself in the front seat, thinking, well, that’s one way to arrive. […]

Sierra: : Staff Orientation, Camp Myrtlewood (Day -1)

August 2015 was my first blog post for NBTSC, and it was my very first day as a camper. I remember being overwhelmed with nervousness. I had grown up unschooled but decided to go to school through 7th-10th grade. I read The Teenage Liberation Handbook Sophomore year and was completely enamored. I wrote a whole […]

Bet: Staff Arrival Day, Camp Myrtlewood (Day -2)

Because it’s fun, and because it reminds me of a book I read when I was ten in which a character did an acrostic at school (a type of writing where each letter of a phrase or word placed horizontally across the page also spells something out vertically down the page), you will find below […]