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Grace Llewellyn

Blake Boles’ sneak preview of Why Are you Still Sending Your Kids to School?

We have a theme emerging! I asked Matt (for the last post) to reflect on working 8 different staff positions, and when I asked longtime staffer Blake for a post he offered to share a snippet from his AWESOME forthcoming book. Matt’s post heavily featured how we do check-ins at camp, and as it turns […]

campers walking through Oregon forest

NBTSC winter admin world

Hello! I (Grace) have been stressing about the disconnect between 1) my intention to post frequently throughout our Year #25, and 2) the fact that January is almost over and there’s only one post. Although most of our 2020 blog will be written by other folks, it’s my job to get their posts all assigned, […]

Welcome to NBTSC Year #25!

Time: A Rhapsody What has been is, what is shall last The present is the focus of the past The future perishing as it arrives Becomes the present and itself survives. Time is not progress, but amount One vast accumulating store Laid up, not lost We do not count years gone But added to the […]

Margie: Session Retrospective (Myrtlewood 2018)

Oregon Session 2 at Camp Myrtlewood Written by staffer Margie Sanderson Photo: staffers Rachel (left) and Margie (right) on Twin Day   It’s been another fabulous few weeks of NBTSC! This year we piloted a 1-week option (as well as the usual 2-week experience) at our Camp Myrtlewood session. With a big group of campers and a wonderful staff, […]

Sadie: session highlights (Myrtlewood 2018)

September 2018 (Oregon Session 2 at Camp Myrtlewood) The prompt for this post, which is an audio transcription, was “What was a highlight of camp for you?” Camper Sadie shares: I made a friend who reminded me a lot of myself when I was younger. I feel like she brought out a part of me […]

Photos from Myrtlewood 2018

Just a few teasers from this session (Oregon Session 2, 2018 ~ at Camp Myrtlewood)… Watch for our official session album, coming soon to our photos page.    assembling the new foosball table ~ photo by Skye P.   photo by Skye P.   speed dating ~ photo by Margie Sanderson   Myrtle Creek ~ […]

Sabi: Night Hike (Myrtlewood 2018)

September 2, 2018 (Day 12, Oregon Session 2 at Camp Myrtlewood) The evening event for Day 12 was left wide open for spontaneity at this session. We ended up having two separate and concurrent events–a Night Hike to Vista Point and a Karaoke Night back at camp. Here, camper Sabi shares about her experience on […]

Franny: Chopped! (Myrtlewood 2018)

August 31, 2018 (Day 10, Oregon Session 2 at Camp Myrtlewood) Our evening event on Day 10 was “Senior Staff Choice.” Here our Kitchen Coordinator Franny breaks down what we decided to do and a bit of how it worked [transcribed from audio]: Chopped was a cooking competition. It involved our final-year campers cooking (in […]

Rachael and Wyatt: The Ramen Project (Myrtlewood 2018)

August 30, 2018 (Day 9, Oregon Session 2 at Camp Myrtlewood) Projects are a staple of the NBTSC schedule at longer sessions. They meet for a couple hours over several days, and are a chance to go more in-depth with a topic than a single one-hour workshop allows.  At this session we had 3 staff-led projects: […]